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Cold Lunch

In collaboration with Insun Park

Hello! My name is Jin, and I am a 3D animator with 3+ years of experience in the games industry specializing in 3D Animation. I am also expanding my horizons in 2D Animation and Unity!I am born and raised in the island city of Singapore. One day, when I was a child, I noticed my older sister doodling on a piece of paper, and that kick-started my passion for creating art and animations.I love reading about and telling stories about identity, connections and the human experience; stories about resilience, kindness and growth are what resonate with me the most. I strive to achieve authenticity and specificity in my art and animation, and my goal is to always keep growing and learning as an Artist, an Animator and a person.But sometimes, smacking monsters is also fun!Apart from making art, I also love video games, cooking, reading, and writing stories very much.Please feel free to reach out to me for any opportunities!Thank you for visiting my site ^^

🎮Some of my favorite games to get to know me🎮

A Space For The Unbound
Our Life: Beginnings & Always
I Was A Teenage Exocolonist
Final Fantasy Tactics
Final Fantasy XIV
Baldur's Gate 3
Guild Wars 2
Destiny + Destiny 2
Animal Crossing
Stardew Valley

In Stars and Time
Monster Hunter World + Rise
To The Moon
No Man's Sky
Coffee Talk